Hello and welcome to this blog.

I’m a German guy, a little bit nerdy, quite a bookworm, studying English literature and (in several aspects) Japanese at a German university…but of course there are more aspects about me to find out, maybe some of them will be apparent after you read some entries.

Read that book!

One of my favourite freetime activities...

You might have wondered why it is called that way, haven’t you?! It is taken from one of my favourite literary genre, detective fiction or as the Japanese would call it 推理小説. So from time to time I will post small reviews about books I’ve read (English, Japanese or German) or post short essays about certain things that caught my interest in novels or in secondary literature. I’m also quite passionate about several things from Japan, mostly videogames, anime and folklore, my view as a German posting in English about Japanese stuff might be a bit off sometimes, but feel free to talk to me about it. From time to time I will also try to post some parts in Japanese, but of course I will offer an English version of those entries.


If you have any questions at all or just want to drop me a line because you think I’m okay,

you can send me emails anytime you want.

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