There Was An Old Woman

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There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.

She gave them some broth without any bread;

And whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

It started like a normal day in court for Inspector Queen and his son Ellery. They were to witness a normal case of misdemeanor, when they are drawn to a public scene caused by an old woman, looking like an evil, little version  of Queen Victoria, Cornelia Potts. She reigns over her empire of shoe factories from her Palace, where she lives with her six children. Her rule is strict, as this is her only way to control her strange offspring, but nobody would have suspected that a duel over honour would end the order and call for an investigation for the truth. But the truth is shrouded in darkness in the elegant mansion at the Drive and is guarded by children living in towers, sugar-coated houses or illusions of grandeur. Can Ellery Queen reveal the sordid truth in this macabre tale of greed, madness and illusion before the unknown culprit drags another innocent victim to an early grave? Continue reading ‘There Was An Old Woman’


ロートレック荘事件 ~ The Lautrec Manor Case

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It’s the end of summer and in an elegant western mansion in the suburbs, young men with a promising future and beautiful young women gather. It seemed to become a stay filled with days of grace, coloured by the works of Lautrec…
The sound of two shots were to become the beginning of a tragedy. One after another, the beautiful girls are killed. Was it a crime committed by one within the mansion? Is there one without an alibi? What is the motive? Shigeki and his friend Shû become drawn into a nightmarish investigation, when  the inspector finds evidence after evidence pointing towards the murder still being within the mansion. Are they really forced to suspect somebody among them? The parents? The servants? Themself? Will it be too late once the horrible truth is unveiled? Continue reading ‘ロートレック荘事件 ~ The Lautrec Manor Case’

シャングリ・ラ ~ Shangri La

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In the middle of the 21st century, the United Nations enforced a renewal of the former Kyôto protocol to counter the unstoppable global warming and severely cut each countries CO2 emission shares. Due to that crisis the international stock-market changed it’s currency to carbon and thus changed the world’s order. At the same time the 2nd Great Kantô Earthquake occurred and threw the countries capital into a crisis.
This saw the birth of the Atlas Project. The whole country was turned into a toxic forest, harmful for human life, used to turn the CO2 emission around and the flying city Atlas was launched. But Atlas only saw room for 3.5 million residents and social hierarchy dictated who was left within the forest, leaving a lottery as the only chance for the ordinary people to survive.
Enraged by this a rebel-organization was born, fighting for survival in the forest and against the unfair treatment by the rulers of Atlas. The leader of that organization called Metal Age,  Hôjô Kuniko rises up and plans to destroy the terrible order of rich and poor, dictated by the Atlas rank.
But there is something behind the system of the Atlas rank and it’s true meaning remains hidden in the shadow of Atlas itself. In the depth of the flying city a mad prophet tells of a coming successor… Continue reading ‘シャングリ・ラ ~ Shangri La’

緋色の囁き ~ Scarlet Whispering

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“I am a witch.”
After leaving these mysterious words a schoolgirl burns to death and grisly murders follow. Could I be the culprit … ?!

Izumi Saeko returns to the bosom of the illustrious Munakata family and is entered into the prestigious Seishin Girls Academy under the observation of her aunt Chiyo. The rules at this school are strict, which Saeko soon learns when she is punished for wrong behaviour in class, and she wonders about the strange commotion among her classmates.
The girls in her class share a strange bond and everybody seems to be drawn to the beautiful Jouzaki Aya. All but the outsider Takatori Kei, who happens to be Saeko’s roommate. When Saeko asks her about this schools secrets, Kei tells her to not associate herself with someone like her, as she is a witch.
Some nights after this event, Kei is found burnt to death behind the forbidden door, in the room of the witch. And this marks only the opening to a tragedy in deep red.
Has a witch’s curse actually befallen the school?  Can Saeko be saved by Kei’s brother Toshiki? And who is that face distorted in the madness of pure red she sees in her dreams? Continue reading ‘緋色の囁き ~ Scarlet Whispering’

螺旋館の奇想 ~ The Fantastic Idea of the Spiral Mansion

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A famous mystery-author, Tamiya Ryûnosuke, is asked to write a new masterpiece in celebration of an upcoming contest for young writers. He is asked to make it into something that belongs to the currently popular New Orthodox Puzzler Genre, even though he has not written a proper mystery in years. Fuelled by the belief of a young student he retreats into the mountains, into a solitary little lodge and starts writing something that is to become the defining piece of his career, Murder in the Spiral Mansion. From time to time people come to visit him and only with much struggle and inspiration by a special someone is he able to finish his manuscript. He hands it to his editor, but only to have it stolen in the process.
This sets something in motion that is later to be known as the Rondo of Plagiarism and will give rise to strange ideas and delusions beyond any imagination…

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長い家の殺人 ~ Murder in the Long House

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A band called Maple Leaf decides to take a trip to the Gemini House, a famous lodge in a ski resort in the Japanese mountains. There they find the quiet and calm to think about their newest work and how to advance their next shows. It was supposed to become a time of leisure, but it was turned into something different, when one evening one of their members vanishes from the grounds and is nowhere to be found.

Later a corpse will be found in a perfect locked room at the end of a long hallway, the rooms all numbered with greek numerals. How did it get there, why didn’t they find it before and what does that mean for the group itself.
The group of friends is overcome by suspicion. Might a murderer hide in their midst or has an enemy from the past found them and is planning his revenge against them? Who can they trust in a murder play where everything is hidden behind a curtain of doubt and where corpses wander about in the night?

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人形館の殺人 ~ Murder in the Doll Mansion

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When Hiryû Sôichi returns to the house of his father, together with his adoptive mother, the city of Kyôto seems to harbour a dark future for him. The old mansion, divided into a western and a Japanese part, was the sight of his father’s suicide, but it does not seem to be the only dark secret hidden in the walls in what is spoken of as the Mansion of the Dolls.
The caretakers and mysterious tenants appear to keep their own secrets and the empty faces of the mannequin dolls along the dark corridors keep following him around. Strange noises, sinister pranks and threatening letters seem to aim at destroying Sôichi’s sanity or maybe even all of him.
A strange chain of murders and the never-ending nightmares drive him to call upon an old friend, Shimada Kiyoshi. Sôichi knows that he might be the only person to solve the mystery behind all those empty faces…

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